Saturday, August 3, 2013

Poll results: how old were you when you got your first budgie?

The left side shows the percentage (a total of 812 people has voted, thank you!!) while the horizontal line shows the age of the voters.

The graph shows that budgies are hugely popular among 5 - 15 year olds. But are they really suitable pets for people of all ages?

All kids should get the possibility to grow up together with a pet. Budgies, however, are not ideal pets for all kids. For one, physical contact is unmissable for kids aged eight and below. Not all budgies like to be petted and you can't "cuddle" with them or squeeze them. Additionally, even the tamest budgerigars will get spooked when you're making a brusque movement or noise in front of them - something that a lot of small kids will do unintentionally.

But when your child gets older (ages eight and up), budgies might just be the perfect pets. You will find that your kid takes more time to observe the birds and ask questions. In other words, they become the perfect caretakers for budgies: gentle, loving and patient. I must have been 8 or 9 when I got my first budgie and I can only agree to this!


  1. I have an urgent question. Recently, my two budgies Christmas, who is a male, and Nibbles, who is a female, have been attacking each other. I have witnessed them tackling each other and locking talons together, even falling onto the floor of the cage in a flurry of flapping wings and feathers. They seem agitated, and I don't know the cause for the sudden behavior. It seems that at times, they are chirping happily together, and then sometimes they're fighting. Do you know what's going on?

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