Monday, June 25, 2012

Budgie Lullaby (video)

The song in the background is "Coquetry" by Mackenzie Stubbert. It's basically a lullaby for him. He only does this when he's feeling very relaxed on my computer and only when I play this song for him.

Video reblogged from We Love Budgies


  1. Oh gosh! That is the cutest thing....

    I can not wait until we can get our little budgie girl from the animal shelter in Trondheim. I have missed having birds in the house. Great blog ny the way. It is in My favourites now :)

    1. Thanks, that means a lot :)

      Me and my husband used to live in Tromsø before we moved to Belgium. I can't imagine a house without budgies... it would be so quiet! :) Good luck with your little budgie girl, I'm sure she will be in good hands!

  2. My budgies love to stay on the laptop too, especially on the keyboard, but I don't let them to do that becouse they make their needs everywhere and is hard to clean the keyboard :)) .