Sunday, May 20, 2012

Budgie the Equestrian

Thanks to Petra Allerlei on Deviantart, I found this awesome picture :D

Photo © Allerlei on deviantart

"The Silver pheasant (Lophura nycthemera, Bažant stříbrný) and his friend Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus, Andulka vlnkovaná) from ZOO Prague, the Czech Republic.

OMG, I was laughing so much when I found this crazy couple! Budgie was really driving the Pheasant... I was watching them almost 20 minutes! Pity is there is horrible fence and this is the best shot I took :( Still I hope you like it!

DID YOU KNOW THAT... these birds were also referred to as the White Phoenix?

And you know what? This budgie is not only rider in the world! Behold!"

Photo © Dragonfly113 on deviantart
 Some budgies don't like to walk on their own feet, they want to hitchhike instead! ;-)

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  1. totally cute!!! hahaha - it's an awesome shot you got there! i once saw a budgie on a remote controlled toy car!!! so cute! (i think it's on youtube?) thank-you for your post!