Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Old, crazy budgie advertisements

I had a look through the Advertising Archives, after I found this picture online:

Photo © The Advertising Archives

I mean, that is so scary. The title "Love alone is not enough!" makes it even worse. This was French's Bird Seed Magazine Advert from 1950, shown all around the USA. I have an even older one.

Photo © The Advertising Archives

This is the cover of the Saturday Evening Post Magazine from July 31, 1915. Remember that the first budgies were only bred after the 1850's, so budgerigars were still considered a bit of a "rare luxiority" in the United States. Also pay attention to the colour of the budgie. Blue budgies were still extremely rare at the end of the 19th century. What bothers me a bit here, is that people knew little to nothing about budgerigars back then and the birds were often given as a gift to girls or women, who started neglecting the birds as soon as they lost interest in them.

Photo © The Advertising Archives

The last one is from the 1960s. It's an advertisement for Caperns bird seed, something well known at that time. Capern's even recorded some commercials with the famous budgerigar Sparkie Williams.

Photo © Cold War Warrior on Flickr
Photo © combomphotos on Flickr
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