Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amazing senses pt.4

Budgies may have fewer taste buds than humans (birds have approximately 300 taste buds while humans have approximately 9,000!), but they are still able to detect sweet, salty, bitter, and acidic substances. So in a way, they're doing even better than us!

Image © Erlend Alvestad, my wonderful fiancĂ© <3
Sweet or sour?

Budgies like both sweet and sour food. Most birds prefer food with a sour or bitter taste, that's one reason why budgies like vegetables so much. But when it comes to apples, millet, or other treats that contain sweetness like honey, I can definitely point out some addicts for you!

So taste really differs from budgie to budgie; there are budgies that shudder and walk away after they take a bite out of a fresh, bitter lettuce leaf. On the other hand, there are actually budgerigars that dislike apples.

Note that you better don't give any fruit or vegetables to your budgies when you think it's too bitter or sour! I hereby give the example of citrus fruit like lemons and grapefruit. Also, don't pamper them too much with snacks that are too sweet or salty. You don't want your budgie to get indigestion!

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  1. Learned something new again! :)
    Great illustration, by the way.

  2. You only have to thank yourself for that ;) <3